Elastos vs Solid – What are the differences? Who will win?

Avatar jimmyhacksthings | November 9, 2018 49 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings

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What is Elastos? How is it different from Solid? Who will win?

In this video, we take a look at what Elastos is, and highlight some key differences from it and Solid, and mainly how the two are coming about solving data governance, security and data ownership from completely different angles.

Solid: https://solid.inrupt.net
Elastos https://www.elastos.org

Elastos is NOT just a cryptocurrency project. Its origins date back much farther to the year 2000, when Rong Chen thought up the idea of a network operating system where there was no concept of the device hardware itself. Apps could not communicate directly with the Internet, but only through a secure intermediary technology. Fast forward to 2013 when the Blockchain became a critical part of Elastos for transacting commerce in a secure and decentralized way. Toss in a bit of Virtual Machine tech and you’ve got the major components of the Elastos tech stack.

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